9 Ways Tampons Can Help You Survive A Wilderness Emergency


Tampons are the kind of thing that women should keep in their purse at all times. Even those of us with the most reliable and steady cycles can find ourselves dealing with a special surprise. While the Boy Scout motto — “always be prepared” — applies to all walks of life and times of the month, there is no more important time to be prepared than when you’re in the great outdoors. For instance, a woman who was hiking with all male friends was mortified when she got an untimely gift from Mother Nature. Luckily, one of her male friends just so happened to keep tampons in his first aid kit. He was even nicknamed “Dave, the Period Fairy.” Tampons are clearly necessary for their intended purpose, but as it turns out, Dave may have been onto something. They also can be used in a number of other ways that have nothing to do with period blood. In fact, tampons are a useful part of any survival kit.

What Are Tampons Made Of?


Every tampon is a little different depending on its brand and variety. However, generally speaking, tampons are made out of a combination of cotton and rayon, according to the National Health Center For Research.



Use #1: A Bandage

If you’ve ever placed a tampon in a glass of water to see what happens, you’ll notice that it fans out into a cotton pad. You can deconstruct a tampon manually to make it look and act almost exactly like gauze. This makes it perfect as a dressing or bandage for a cut or scrape.