Wife Punishes Cheating Husband’s Mistress By Stuffing Super-Hot Chili Peppers Into Her Vagina


There are different kinds of punishment seen when a spouse catches their partner cheating on them. However, this woman came with a really cruel idea to punish the mistress of her cheating husband. This all happened in Vietnam when a wife found out that her husband was cheating on her and along with her four female friends caught the mistress of her husband and stuffed super-hot red chili peppers into her vagina.

The photos are going viral and they sparked a backlash after sharing them online. People are not really happy with what this group of ladies did with the mistress of the cheating husband. The internet and the social media were angry that the husband should have been punished, too. The pregnant wife, however, said something different and here you will be seeing the detailed story below. 


This is Ly Chanel with her husband. She is 23 and recently punished the mistress of her husband by pushing hot red chili peppers into her private part. It has been seven months since they married and Ly reported her husband, Chien Keo who is 24, disappears for hours. 

She is pregnant and is expecting her first baby. Ly along with her four female friends followed Chien Keo to a motel and caught the girl he used to be with. The furious wife put on gloves while three other women held her and one took pictures as she stuffed chili peppers into her vagina.