This Woman Agreed To Pay For The Wrong Lottery Ticket, And Then She Won $5 Million


A lottery is actually a type of risk/chance that a person took to win, but it has both chances of the win or loses.  It involves the drawing of different numbers for a prize. Lotteries are banned by some governments, while others endorse it to organize a national or state lottery. New York approved the lottery tickets and named it as New York lottery. 

 Accidentally got a lottery ticket from a shopkeeper and unintentionally became the winner of $5 million.




A 46 years old woman named Oksana Zaharov belongs to Edgewater, New Jersey, was actually shopping in Manhattan, she just said the cashier to give her a $1 New York Lottery but unintentionally he gave her a $10 Set of Life ticket, instead of refusing him she just thought to take it with her.



SOURCEhuffington post