A Woman With An Aim To Be The Fattest Woman In The World Is Now Pregnant and Losing Weight


In our modern world where dogs eat dog attitude to life is contented delightfully while the meeker and retiring are left by the wayside it feels like everyone wants to have their 15 minutes of recognition. This compulsion can apparent itself in a light of positivity, with athletes pushing themselves to ever more extraordinary heights, popular culture thriving with expert musicians and actors are entertaining the world with their aptitudes.

The weakness of our society’s concern with fame and its trappings, some would hold, includes the more uninspiring, blank concept of infamy for its own sake. This attitude has given rise to reality TV shows like Big Brother, where contestants are salaried for dramatic performance and emotional grumpiness.



One might consider what price they are ready to pay their 15 minutes in the sun, as ever more questionable world records are set and dangerous feats of strength. Those parameters could have been fairly applied to Monica Riley, who achieved something akin to infamy last year when she broadcast her intention to reach 70 stone in weight with the support of her partner, Sid.


Explaining her wish to render herself bed bound as a “Sexual fantasy” for herself and her partner, Riley had spoken of to wish to reach 1000 lbs, observing that Sid already had to help her “get off the sofa and get me out of bed”.