Woman Emails Her Crush a Very Funny Presentation Listing Reasons Why He Should Date Her


Lizzy Fenton is a student of Genetics, Cell Biology and Development at University of Minnesota. She is going viral all over the internet for a her hilarious PowerPoint Presentation that she sent to her crush, Carter Blochwitz. She prepared the presentation with a title “Why You Should Date Me” and added her picture on the first slide, too. Her 6 slide presentation includes very funny reasons she listed to convince her crush for a date. 

She shared the presentation she made to send her crush. The title reads “Why You Should Date Me” and she added one of her photos on the 1st slide as well. 


This is Lizzy Fenton, studying Genetics, Cell Biology and Development at a university. She had the experience of making such presentations so she utilized her skills when it came to convincing her crush to date her.