This Woman Made Adorable Comics That Hilariously Sump Up How It’s Like Living With A Dog


When you are in a relationship, it’s difficult to manage everything. You forget your pets and when it’s a dog, you really miss him while moving out. What to talk of pets, it’s said when someone gets into a relationship he/she loses 4 friends on average. This woman has been drawing adorable comics of her boyfriend and how it’s like living with a dog after she missed her Pug Muchi when she was out for work.

The artist, Gemma Gene is a talented and skilled artist living in New York these days. She loves comics and has been making sculptures. But her best work was the comics that every dog lover will definitely relate to. These comics hilariously capture the lives of every dog owner, their partners and how life looks when you are living with a dog like Pug Muchi. She has more than 135K followers on Instagram and all these comics have been taken from her account. If you want to see her work and what she draws, you can follow her here


An artist from Barcelona currently living in New York has been drawing comics to capture her life with the dog after she had to move out for work and she started missing her dog very much. These comics are adorable and every dog owner can relate to these. 

She is living with her boyfriend and the pet dog, Pug Muchi. It’s really hard for her to live without Pug and whenever she is at work, she misses him very much. So one day, she decided to draw these comics, to sum up how it’s like living with a dog and a boyfriend.