This Curvy Woman Was Nervous About Her Photoshoot With Fiance, But The Results Won The Internet



This world has become so fake that we can hardly find real people. Every single day we are bombarded by photos of plastic people. The Photoshop and different filters show what people are not even close to. We have seen many bloggers and Instagram activists exposing the reality behind beautiful and perfect photos. The reality is utterly horrifying. And with all this if you find photoshoots of a plus size woman with her fiance, it’s hard to control your emotions.

A young couple from Texas just had their photoshoot for modeling purposes and the photos are so beautiful and touchy that people are simply loving these photos. Stephanie and Aryan are from Texas and they are going to get married very soon. Recently, they agreed for a Boudoir Photoshoot and photos have won the hearts of people on social media and the internet. What made these photos go viral are obvious love, confidence, chemistry and beauty in the pictures.

Meet Stephanie and Aryan from Texas. The couple is a real life couple and they are going to marry soon. The photos were taken by a friend of the couple and have gone hugely viral. The pictures show body positivity and people are just loving the confidence of this woman.


Stephanie has embraced the opportunity to give her message of body positivity to the millions who struggle with unrealistic expectations pushed by both social and mainstream media, leading to self-esteem issues. “I remember being in junior high and looking at myself in the mirror, wondering why my stomach wasn’t the way it was ‘supposed’ to be,” she told.