This Woman Has Been Having Sex While Breastfeeding and People are Like “Whaaaat?”


Tasha Maile is a breastfeeding advocate and her online videos on YouTube back in 2015 sparked debate and backlash where she admitted having sex while breastfeeding. Her videos with the titles “Do I have a sex while breastfeeding?” were for the fans and she talked openly confessing she has been having sex while breastfeeding her 2-month-old son. 

She instructed the people and uploaded the uncensored videos. A lot of people asked her if it’s OK to breastfeed while having sex. Recently she appeared in a TV show where she defended her stance and here is what you all should know about Maile and her stance on breastfeeding while having sex. 

This Tasha Maile and she is an active advocate of breastfeeding. She uploaded videos on YouTube where she confessed she has been breastfeeding while having sex. Her confession has sparked debates and people on the social media are losing it. 

She confessed “I remember the baby sleeping on me, breastfeeding, and my ex-husband I would have sex from behind. There is nothing bad about making love, at all, ever. So enjoy it yourself. Enjoy your fantasies.”