The World’s First Human Head Transplant Has Been Successfully Carried Out


Day by day big revolutions are taking place in Medical science. Actually, it has completely transformed the appearance of the sphere, we can say that there are a lot of renovations such as betterment in the quality of life of human beings, getting rid of from such fetal diseases which can’t be treated before and increasing life expectancy. Kidney transplant and heart transplant are very common but face transplant was not done before, the new revolution of this century is face transplant and growth of organs artificially in the laboratories. Well we can say that these are the two from a lot of innovations of the century, done by medical science. What’s remarkable is that actually it is the thought no one can think of doing so, yes you read that right. It was biologically impossible for anyone in the past but the latest development in medical science is so extraordinary.

Dreams could come true by just thinking of doing so. We could be living in a world where we can transform our imaginings into anyone we desire. the body of our imaginings is nothing more than operation away. It is more likely to be fulfilling the predictions of Mary Shelley, when she imagined Frankenstein’s Monster in 1817.Well, maybe not Frankenstein’s Monster. There are massive moral consequences linked with head transplants. The world’s first head transplant has been successfully carried out.

This transplant took place in Chaina it was an18-hour operation. The operation was carried out by the controversial Dr. Xiaoping Ren, who hit the headlines last year. By this procedure we can say that the person could be left mentally damaged, also you’d assume that living donors would have to be completely banned.